My winning write up !

Hey my fellow bloggers…as most of you know that I am in college

(because duh, knowledge is success and you all wanna be successful don’t you ?!? )

and that I am good at writing

(if you don’t think using auto correct and thesaurus

is a crime punishable by literature, that is ) .

Here I present to you my entry which got ‘Appreciable Efforts’

in a contest organized by


in association with my college fest ‘Meraki 2k16’ .

The name of the contest was Octopus With A Quill

( clever, ain’t it ) .

I am sorry I wasn’t able to Re-blog it and could only provide you with the link.

I hope you will click it.




I wanna be me !



“Duniya ka to kaam h kehna !”

(people will say what they wanna say )…

I have heard this DIALOGUE a lot of times, but is it so easy to get over what people say to you.

Or is it so easy to criticize someone.

One thing I have vowed to myself that I will never be, is this person. I believe in loving any body and everybody,

tall or short,

slim or fat,

white brown or black…

You! Yes you ! you can judge me but know that all these things are falling on deaf ears cuz I ain’t listening.

I am gonna be what I wanna be.

A free bird.

Who can go however high she wants,

go however further she wants,

if I want to free fall, I will !

You are not my parent,

you are just a face ,

you don’t count !



P.S. this is to all the judgmental people out there. Get over yourself and get out of the la la land !





Four feet tall, bold to the core

Bones peaking, olive drab he wore

His limbs weary. feet they are sore

Undaunted he stands

Here to do what he was recruited for

His life, Our war !

Numerous like him, numerous to mourn

he is a soldier made and not born

robbed of the youth that jewels adorned

By day; audacious, night’s forlorn

Choices not offered, decisions forgone !

March soldier , Duty calls

Decision is in ones hand, hands stall

But believe you me, hands will still

Killed, he has, kill , he will

Outside calm , inside he screams

Ashes to Ashes , Dust to Dust

Soldier I am, therefore I must !


Now black like his soul, the memories

Purple; the skin, the body

Red likes the way they treat him

Yellow; the way he burns !



But later a day will come

he will be done and puts down the gun

The darkness, it will talk

The shadows, they will stalk

The fear, mock !

But smile

Smile because at last he can soar !


—– Written by : ME



Will you look at that… we are moving up in the world !

Guess who just got nominated for ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD …


Me ! US ! that’s who…

By this lovely , awesome , great , knows-way-too-much-big-words-but-still-knows-how-to-work-them blogger friend of mine VIDISHA KAUSHIK…

(stalk her !)

My speech

uhmm …uhmmm..



The rules are as follows-

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (DONE )
  2. display the award on your post. (CHECK)
  3. list 7 facts about yourself. ( 🙂 ABOUT TO DO SO .. )
  4. Nominate 7 bloggers and let them know you nominated them. ( GREAT…PICKING. )



  1. I am the kind of a girl who can’t put a good book down and it doesn’t matter if there is a flood, tsunami, alien attack , earthquake, terrorist attack, , apocalypse, zombie attack . No ! ( although do excuse my flair of dramatics , these things happen all the time in my La La land. And don’t you worry, Captain Shweta is always there to save the day )
  2. I, from the above , middle and the bottom of my heart love The Imagine Dragons, Nirvana , Lilly Singh , Harry Potter , Adele and Ellen.
  3. I am big on the idea of loving everybody and showing them respect. I believe that nobody in this world is too small or big for you to not acknowledge them !
  4. I never wear bright colors. ( Imagine that with my complexion ! )
  5. I  am also very big on Foot wears . I am like borderline obsessed . Scratch that , I am obsessed !
  6. Loyalty is my middle name and judging someone is not in my nature unless I am given a hard-core reason.
  7. I have trust-issues.


And here are my Amigo(s) whom I stalk more than the others !


(the guy I confused for a gal.. still embarrassed, I am )


( I know she nominated me but I don’t care…she deserves a second one )


(she reads…..enough said )


( because it promotes what I believe in )


(because she knows )


( because I am a Wanderluster )


( because we have similar taste in books )





Maybe it will just be one of those average days.

Maybe you will be walking home after a deal

or waltzing in you pajamas after a thorough clean up.


Or maybe you will be too busy drinking to even notice.

Notice that something has changed.

The slightest of the shifts in the air.

Maybe it will take you time to realize that.

Or maybe you will stop doing everything at once.

But that moment will surely arrive.

An inevitable aftermath, if you will.

Realization will dawn

Maybe you will even try to outrun it

Or maybe you will try a clever way out

but surely it will catch up

surely the right person will notice.

Maybe the green works

images (1)

Or maybe it is orange that comes out on top.


What ever it maybe

Don’t Be Afraid

Cause surely you have experience

And I am sure they won’t do anything that you haven’t already !