I understand that you have no respect for anyone whatsoever and thus I feel like I should return the favor. Its not you, no really, its not. Its just that Humanity , that Bee-atch doesn’t let me respect you. She feels like you are a low life pathetic excuse of a human being. I know, how dare she say that !!

But like I was saying, not that it is any of my business but I’ll still ask you, what makes you think you are superior to the others because I would really like to have that confidence, that ultra-charming personality and I don’t give an eff kind of attitude for it will help me demean and belittle you without me being bothered about being reduced to such status.  I can do that now but again HUMANITY , she will have my behind.


I heard bullies are insecure and thus lash out to hide behind a false bravado. What a load of crap, Right ?

Idiots don’t understand the need to dominate your environment with whichever means possible. Gosh, these humans.

They don’t understand that you are special and a whole different kind of their race and should be treated like such. HUMANITY is nothing but a word without a meaning to you. Maybe we should give them their dictionary and idiots won’t know what hit them.

So do you guys like handout admission forms for your “special” classes or do I have to be your victim first ??





2 thoughts on “DEAR, BULLIES

  1. Yuvathi says:

    the phoebe GIFs are awesome. good post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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