This particular idiom I believe is older than dirt.

Not because it actually is but that it had been used so many times that if I never hear it again it will be too soon !!!

And to those who don’t understand the contrast of the word Action here and think its related to Drinking action …..

let’s just right now take a step back because this is beyond you…like waaaaayyyy beyond.


The Idiom itself is a contradiction to the world today because…..

  • CONTRADICTION NO. 1 :  most people living on earth today are blind

Sad-look-of-pity-from-sheldon Not in the literal sense obviously but that they are so dense that they don’t know how to read a particular action.

  • CONTRADICTION NO. 2 : most people in this world are good actors

actionsspeaklouderthanwords We learn to lie about things at a small age despite how much you would want to deny it. We learn to fake emotions and our actions pretty quickly and are able to perfect that art over a period of time. Now I am not saying that words are better in this scenario but that the actions are no better than the words here.

  • CONTRADICTION NO. 3 : most people on this earth have a life

Aint_nobody_got_time_for_that-1427894845We all know that life goes on and that we must keep up. And thus Bruhhh , ain’t nobody got time to interpret this actions.Straight laced powerful words are a way to go.

  • CONTRADICTION NO. 4 : not all actions have the ability of speech

Some actions themselves contradict each other. And also sometimes we just do what we have to do , no explanations.


Words are powerful.

Words are necessary.

Now I am not saying that actions don’t speak but that they could only be understood by those who actually speak that language.


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