Dear Idiots,

Okay ! I’ve heard it all.
Now it is time that you listen to me you little buggers !

What is different about LGBT community than you, me and us !
They are just another gender! They are just another part of us !
They are us !

I value freedom of speech,
I value others opinion
I respect you for stating your views
but don’t try to force it upon others !
Don’t include God in this, the guy has more ish to deal with than any of us!
So spare him a trip down here so he can put you in your place.

It is like fighting for women rights all over again because this is no different than that in the metaphorical sense and just as before we have won !

Accept it and move on !

TRY to be a better person !

And if you keep looking down your nose you are bound to see yourself at some point and let me break this to you gently now IT IS NOT A PRETTY SIGHT !




One thought on “Dear Idiots,

  1. Jixie Cat says:

    Yes, this could not be any more true!

    Liked by 1 person

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