Another walking and talking alpha …
sigh !
I just can’t get enough of KA books!!
Hold on is the last one in the burg series and may I say despite of me being sad about it , I feel satisfied with the conclusion. As far as Epilogues go , KA writes them best.

The plot as usual was kick-ass and I totally dig how this author writes her characters. Although it gets a little too repetitive when they don’t finish their lines and only say what they wanna say in key words and explain later but I figured it was a part of charm of alpha speech , if such thing exists.

Merrick and Cher, the two broken souls , are friends in the beginning despite what Cher actually feels for Merry but things soon change after a little too much alcohol consumption.
I love Ethan ( Cher’s son) and hate Trent (Ethan’s douchbag sperm donor) !
Peggy…hmm…now that woman I dislike with minor sparks of sympathy in between !
Moving on, the story was well written and not jerky at all that is it played out smooth with enough and not too much details and events to keep a reader connected to the book world. In short, it was not a whirlwind read.

I loved how Merry calls Cher ‘brown eyes’ and also how Cher is such a cool mom ( I mean packets of oreo, x-box, little or no veggies, gotta love that woman ).

And Dennis Lowe came back. Well not really , I mean just in the spirit of things. But , none the less.
And I don’t know if it was just me or the book actually doesn’t mention Ethan’s new wife name ! hmm…but I love the other YA romance that went on !!

In the end it was a Wholesome read which concluded epically ( if thats even a word ).


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