There is always that one !


Seeing as today is Teacher’s day ( you know the day we students like to pretend that everything is right in the world and teachers are the best thing that happened to us ) I want to list down the different kind of teachers that we put in efforts to aquaint ourselves with ( because frankly , bunking is more down my street 😛 ) 
Anyhooooooo before I start I want to state a universally known fact, doesn’t matter how much we dislike our teachers or lets be real, make fun of them , at the end of the day they are the ones that we miss the most !

And even though we celebrate like its our last day when you don’t come to a class, we still look forward to meeting you again. ( not sooner but hopefully in the not so near possible future )

Sooo without further ado my dear child lets list them down !

There is always that one teacher that all the students look forward to because she has all the new fashion trends down to T .

There is always that one teacher who is friendly and knows every couple in the class and doesn’t shy away from teasing them .

There is always that one teacher you fear the most and hide away from because for some godforsaken reason she hates the world and likes to flash this fact in neon colours !

There is always that one teacher who likes to do nothing better than teach , and teach she does, in one single breath !

There is always that one teacher who you love the most because she always lets things slide and go with the flow . Basically, the ideal teacher.

Soooo wherever you go I am sure you will find some teachers which are of these kinds.  But like I said these are the ones that we remember the most because either they made your life a living hell or just plain made it simple. But my respect goes out to all these teachers since you keep up with students like us . So whatever kind you are its understandable. A little !

Happy teacher’s day to all those teachers out there !
And good luck to all the students!
Go , learn and Make your life better !
Ohhhh…. And don’t forget to add a dose or two of fun in between !
Cheers !


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