Celebrating Festivals

Maybe you are from a different country,

Maybe you follow different religion,

Maybe you celebrate different festivals,

Maybe you like one more than the other,


Maybe these are all alike.

We all look forward to that one day that will bring us happiness.

Festivals have a way to make us do exactly that

whether it might be Christmas, Diwali , Eid or anything else !

They maybe different in their proceedings

but all have one thing in common ,

they all bring us joy !


I am an Indian and a Hindu but I celebrate Christmas.

I am an Indian and a Hindu and I celebrate Vaisakhi .

Yes all festivals have their historical and spiritual value but does that mean that only a certain population is allowed to take part in the festives.


In fact I feel proud when I see a foreigner celebrating Holi or any other Indian festival !!

Yesterday was Diwali – the festival of Lights .


This festival is ‘my one’ because I get to meet my whole family without any exceptions.

We all live away from each other owing to the nature of our jobs

but still on this day it is expected of everyone to be in attendance.

And in attendance , they are !

My joint family of 12 people under one roof.

The late nights, the antakshri, the sweets, the laughter, the tears, the games, a little of the crackers (GUILTY).

All in all happiness.


Sharing a moment with someone is good and sharing that moment with your family is better !

I know life today moves fast and we move faster , but give yourself a break from time to time..

Meet up with the people you love, not just on festivals but other days as well.


Live for QUALITY and not QUANTITY !



2 thoughts on “Celebrating Festivals

  1. toshavi says:

    Nice article ❤

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