Exams in 3..2..Oh wait SELFIE !…1

IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a social media account must be in want of a DP ! 

Hence, the running around , making different (weird ) poses so that you can have that ‘ONE’ selfie !


And yes, I was doing exactly that.


And to think I have my semester exams in 3 days .

Gee, I am just the perfect role model aren’t I ?


Never-mind you , that was rhetorical question!

And yes I am stalling.


Urghh okay fine, gotta go.

Got that big exam to study for .

Apparently that is what you do before an exam .

I didn’t know that.


Yeah yeah I am aware I am doing it again.

Okay GOING ….


GONE GIRL ! (pun-intended)


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