I am back…

To the people who read my blogs – hello from the other side.

To the ones who don’t – we will get there !


You all must be wandering what will this kind soul who loves everybody

be bringing to your doorstep today.

Well, wonder no more !

I bring you NOTHING , absolutely nothing !

(well, for this post and also because Santa doesn’t trust me,

says I am all mischief ,

I don’t know what the eff he is talking about )

Oh wait..Maybe this


(you saw it girl, you saw it first !

and maybe boys too )

Life as I told you in my last post took a turn

as it always does when exams take over.


My turned road though to be honest just runs parallel to the old one

as I don’t to do anything differently than before.

Now you must be wandering that

OMG ! she studies regularly that is why it is all the same.

Now I hate to dissolve this goody-two-shoes image you have of me in your mindand just say it is the opposite.

Not that studying regularly is a bad things ,

its just that I have so much better things to do.

Like talking to you !


Anyhoo, as to how did my exams go,

they were fine , they were okay.

It was my first MAJOR so its all good.

Now like I said I am back.


And it seems like I missed a lot of things.

Chennai, You my south homie and I pray for you

( even if you weren’t I would) !

My sympathy doesn’t needs to be validated in the form of a post

but yes, know that we are there for you !

Effing hell, there are a lot of goods and evils in this world

and you can’t ignore either one of them.

And also you can’t excuse one for the other.

It is utter B.S.

But we gotta keep moving on and that is what we are doing.



see what I did there ?? !!

Now, its winter break or what the other half likes to call Christmas break.

My plans are to catch up with my old friends and on the other days,

stay in bed because it is freezing here

( I am probably exaggerating but I have sensitive skin

or is that even a valid excuse?

Gawd ! whatevah, I am just staying in bed )

My sis is here, so there will be a lot of fights going on .


See ya peeps in the next post.

(if I dare survive )

Till then



(even if they make you get out of the bed.)





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