I wanna be me !



“Duniya ka to kaam h kehna !”

(people will say what they wanna say )…

I have heard this DIALOGUE a lot of times, but is it so easy to get over what people say to you.

Or is it so easy to criticize someone.

One thing I have vowed to myself that I will never be, is this person. I believe in loving any body and everybody,

tall or short,

slim or fat,

white brown or black…

You! Yes you ! you can judge me but know that all these things are falling on deaf ears cuz I ain’t listening.

I am gonna be what I wanna be.

A free bird.

Who can go however high she wants,

go however further she wants,

if I want to free fall, I will !

You are not my parent,

you are just a face ,

you don’t count !



P.S. this is to all the judgmental people out there. Get over yourself and get out of the la la land !





Will you look at that… we are moving up in the world !

Guess who just got nominated for ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD …


Me ! US ! that’s who…

By this lovely , awesome , great , knows-way-too-much-big-words-but-still-knows-how-to-work-them blogger friend of mine VIDISHA KAUSHIK…


(stalk her !)

My speech

uhmm …uhmmm..



The rules are as follows-

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (DONE )
  2. display the award on your post. (CHECK)
  3. list 7 facts about yourself. ( 🙂 ABOUT TO DO SO .. )
  4. Nominate 7 bloggers and let them know you nominated them. ( GREAT…PICKING. )



  1. I am the kind of a girl who can’t put a good book down and it doesn’t matter if there is a flood, tsunami, alien attack , earthquake, terrorist attack, , apocalypse, zombie attack . No ! ( although do excuse my flair of dramatics , these things happen all the time in my La La land. And don’t you worry, Captain Shweta is always there to save the day )
  2. I, from the above , middle and the bottom of my heart love The Imagine Dragons, Nirvana , Lilly Singh , Harry Potter , Adele and Ellen.
  3. I am big on the idea of loving everybody and showing them respect. I believe that nobody in this world is too small or big for you to not acknowledge them !
  4. I never wear bright colors. ( Imagine that with my complexion ! )
  5. I  am also very big on Foot wears . I am like borderline obsessed . Scratch that , I am obsessed !
  6. Loyalty is my middle name and judging someone is not in my nature unless I am given a hard-core reason.
  7. I have trust-issues.


And here are my Amigo(s) whom I stalk more than the others !

  1. https://thecandler.wordpress.com/

(the guy I confused for a gal.. still embarrassed, I am )

2. https://thewhimsicalandwanderingsoul.wordpress.com/

( I know she nominated me but I don’t care…she deserves a second one )

3. https://escapeinsidethepages.wordpress.com/

(she reads…..enough said )

4. positiveoutlooksblog.com

( because it promotes what I believe in )

5. https://sugarfreeden.wordpress.com/

(because she knows )

6. https://varshaav.wordpress.com/

( because I am a Wanderluster )

7. https://senselesscrutiny.wordpress.com/

( because we have similar taste in books )




I am back…

To the people who read my blogs – hello from the other side.

To the ones who don’t – we will get there !


You all must be wandering what will this kind soul who loves everybody

be bringing to your doorstep today.

Well, wonder no more !

I bring you NOTHING , absolutely nothing !

(well, for this post and also because Santa doesn’t trust me,

says I am all mischief ,

I don’t know what the eff he is talking about )

Oh wait..Maybe this


(you saw it girl, you saw it first !

and maybe boys too )

Life as I told you in my last post took a turn

as it always does when exams take over.


My turned road though to be honest just runs parallel to the old one

as I don’t to do anything differently than before.

Now you must be wandering that

OMG ! she studies regularly that is why it is all the same.

Now I hate to dissolve this goody-two-shoes image you have of me in your mindand just say it is the opposite.

Not that studying regularly is a bad things ,

its just that I have so much better things to do.

Like talking to you !


Anyhoo, as to how did my exams go,

they were fine , they were okay.

It was my first MAJOR so its all good.

Now like I said I am back.


And it seems like I missed a lot of things.

Chennai, You my south homie and I pray for you

( even if you weren’t I would) !

My sympathy doesn’t needs to be validated in the form of a post

but yes, know that we are there for you !

Effing hell, there are a lot of goods and evils in this world

and you can’t ignore either one of them.

And also you can’t excuse one for the other.

It is utter B.S.

But we gotta keep moving on and that is what we are doing.



see what I did there ?? !!

Now, its winter break or what the other half likes to call Christmas break.

My plans are to catch up with my old friends and on the other days,

stay in bed because it is freezing here

( I am probably exaggerating but I have sensitive skin

or is that even a valid excuse?

Gawd ! whatevah, I am just staying in bed )

My sis is here, so there will be a lot of fights going on .


See ya peeps in the next post.

(if I dare survive )

Till then



(even if they make you get out of the bed.)




Exams in 3..2..Oh wait SELFIE !…1

IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a social media account must be in want of a DP ! 

Hence, the running around , making different (weird ) poses so that you can have that ‘ONE’ selfie !


And yes, I was doing exactly that.


And to think I have my semester exams in 3 days .

Gee, I am just the perfect role model aren’t I ?


Never-mind you , that was rhetorical question!

And yes I am stalling.


Urghh okay fine, gotta go.

Got that big exam to study for .

Apparently that is what you do before an exam .

I didn’t know that.


Yeah yeah I am aware I am doing it again.

Okay GOING ….


GONE GIRL ! (pun-intended)


I know I haven’t posted in a while because and It is not an excuse , I was busy.

I started college …yayyy !

And a new blog site called bookies review blog ( yes I know , way to drop it there )


But anyhoo I’ll now be posting regularly.

soooo , stay tuned….

and also follow the new blog please and get yourself Booked IN !!!!

okay, see you later .

working on a new post !

beep beep !

I took the AM I A JERK TEST !!

Sooo,  lately I have been way too much fascinated with tests and no not the academic kind…just tests like personality test and stuff ….

And recently I took up a Quiz known as AM I JERK QUIZ..



1) Do you think you are a jerk?

-If I would’ve known I wouldn’t be taking this quiz…but I would like to think I am NOT.



2) Do you pick on other kids (people)

-UMMMMM….. NO !! I am a kind and a gentle soul. thank you very much.


–I love to make people cry!!! HA pain and misery

3) Have you ever taken candy from a small child?

YES, and before you judgmental people start hounding me, it was the kids birthday and he offered so I took it because I didn’t want to be rude and stuff..also this question doesn’t say forcefully so I think I will go with…




4) Fat people are not worth talking to.

-not always …I mean people who just trash talk are not worth talking to and sometimes they are fat but I guess being fat is not the basis of this sooo…


–Hey, I find that offensive.

5) How many fights have you been in?

-hmmm…I fight for what I believe in and generally these fights are all verbal and not violent but it still counts as a fight right ???


–7 or more

6) Have you won any?

– YUP !!


–I already told you i have never been in a fight!

7) Do you beat up smaller children?

– ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Those little people are some time devilish but that’s okay they more than make up for it with their cuteness ..


–My favorite thing in the world.
–if they deserve it

8) Have you ever pimp slapped someone?

– What kind of a question is that but no, I am not a violent person..generally but sometimes



–I am a true pimp, that’s what i do
–It was self defense I swear !

9) Do you tell fat kids to lose a kindergartner or two.

-not that offensively no but yes sometimes and only because they keep on complaining about how fat they are and do just about nothing else.


–well, he was really fat, so I couldn’t help it

 10) Why are you taking this test?

-I was bored. plain and simple.


–I wanted to know so if i am nice I can show my score to Santa
–To prove I am a bully
For fun

 11) are you amused by the sight of tears?

-depends on what kind of tears are they..If they are crocodile tears on a 3 year old then yes ,…but tears in general..NO




12) you are walking down the street when a gust of wind blows some ones toupee right at your feet. What do you do?

-I probably would want to give it to him but seeing as he would already be too embarrassed I’ll probably pretend I didn’t see anything and let him grab it..not from my feet ..I’ll probably stealthily step away


–Laugh at the bald man
–give him his wig back
–grab the wig and make him run for it
–let him grab it

13) you see a small child on a merry go round and it stops what do you do?

-probably laugh but not at him just at the pout-y expression that I am sure will be there and then put the quarter in.


–put another quarter in
–taunt him with a quarter
–laugh in his face.

14) Have you ever told a small child that Santa isn’t real?

– uh-uh

I don't hear you! 5-6 years old boy isolated on white

–I hang out at the mall at Christmas and hand out “Santa isn’t real” flyers

15) Have you ever taken someones teddy bear?

-yes, I was little and my sister had a teddy bear bigger than me.

'Your honor, SHHHHHHHHHHH. Can't you see the defense rests?'


16) Do you tell people that there art looks like crap?

-nahhh…I just tell them they do very good MODERN ART. just kidding.


–That picture made me throw up! What was i supposed to do?

17) Is valentines day the worst day of the year?

-valentines day is worst day but not THE worst day of the year.


–If i find the person who created it i will torture them!

18) Have you ever logged on someones computer and deleted everything?

– YES, BUT I didn’t permanently delete them just kept them in the recycle bin so that they could be restored. It was hell of a prank and also may I add well deserved.


–It was an accident

19) how many times a day do you say yo mama

never. I am not well versed in that slang.


–11 or more

20) Are you happy this test is over?

-Yup, because now I would get my results and this is the first result I have ever been excited for in my whole life.



Your Test Scores

you are: 26

What does it mean?

Your just like most people, you just care about yourself.

The admin responsible for this test and my computer SAY WHAT !!


never let a computer judge or make decisions for you !!