Four feet tall, bold to the core

Bones peaking, olive drab he wore

His limbs weary. feet they are sore

Undaunted he stands

Here to do what he was recruited for

His life, Our war !

Numerous like him, numerous to mourn

he is a soldier made and not born

robbed of the youth that jewels adorned

By day; audacious, night’s forlorn

Choices not offered, decisions forgone !

March soldier , Duty calls

Decision is in ones hand, hands stall

But believe you me, hands will still

Killed, he has, kill , he will

Outside calm , inside he screams

Ashes to Ashes , Dust to Dust

Soldier I am, therefore I must !


Now black like his soul, the memories

Purple; the skin, the body

Red likes the way they treat him

Yellow; the way he burns !



But later a day will come

he will be done and puts down the gun

The darkness, it will talk

The shadows, they will stalk

The fear, mock !

But smile

Smile because at last he can soar !


—– Written by : ME



Being a by-stander to a train-wreck of a hot mess !

How many of us have seen someone we know just fall prey to bad things ?

I bet the number constitutes at least 90% .

I , for one, have seen many ( and taking into account my ignorance of everything not related to me , its saying something) .

We try and try to get them to let go and yes, sometimes out of sheer luck we do succeed but most of the time, we fail !

I thought I failed too but what I  came to realize later is that it was not my test to fail .

Its like me and that person , in an examination hall , sitting next to each other and having an entirely different paper. While I have the knowledge to help that someone else pass this test ( and my willingness, which is rare ! ) ,  despite my best efforts to help them try to achieve it , the other person may not even be able to understand me.

Which surprisingly (not ! ) , is true in most of the cases.

( Also the above may suggest that me not being a good cheater, the fact though still remains. Their test and them not asking for help, makes it none-of-my-business ! )

Similarly, it is their life, their decisions, their mistakes, their triumphs. Relative to this, we are just by-standers ; allowed to have an opinion and even shout that opinion in their faces. ( as long as we expect it to be followed by ignorance on their part obviously . )

I have myself made bad decisions ( who hasn’t ? )and in hindsight I wish someone would have shouted some things in my face too, but in hindsight I have also realized that I would have just as easily ignored them as I would my homework.

Only thing WE can do is be there for them. I am not asking you to support their decisions because that ish is effed up but only to let them know that whatever happens, and whenever they are ready, you will be there for them.

( Queue the Awwwww ! )

Last but not the least …

Live and Let live !

( despite the jackasses they are ! )

Love everybody

(but don’t smother anyone with that love )


#GirlLove challenge

I got up late ,

obviously didn’t go to college

and well more or less , there on after,

cuddled in my quilt all warm and comfy.


So here I am, little old me , browsing the YouTube

(as one does when one is bored) ,

and suddenly I come across one of my favorite you-tuber,

iisuperwomanii a.k.a. Lilly Singh’s video on ” Girl on Girl hate:” .

Now you know that I go to a girl’s college

and needless to say that with all the girls around,

some cats are bound to be rattled and some fights are bound to ensue.

(  and yes, boys and some girls , that is an image ! )


ME? I am a certified Unicorn just like my home girl Lilly and you know me, I like painting them rainbows all around too much to get into a fight.

 Therefore ,here I am (out of my quilt , just for y’all) writing on a serious topic.

( I do that sometimes you know, get serious I mean.

It’s rare but it happens. )

Moving on …

If you are a girl, you have experienced THE jealousy, enviousness, superior complex, inferior complex and a whole lot more !

Hell , even if you are a guy you have most likely experienced those things!

And I bet my soon- to -be -bought -hover-board

(A fact ?  I am very serious about that hover-board

and it doesn’t matter if future is probably twenty years later ),

that you have judged other people.

I’ll be the first to say that I have too .

And to be honest , its more of a reflex.

In my defense, it is empirical that one observe one’s surrounding and science says surrounding include humans so there you go.

I rest my case .

'Your honor, SHHHHHHHHHHH. Can't you see the defense rests?'

Considering that a judgement now has been passed,

its stands to reason that one goes on to publicize it.

In layman’s term,



I am a girl ( obviously a little tom-boyish but still a girl )

and trust me when I say that nobody loves bitching and gossiping more than girls.


It is hard to explain but if I were to do it,

purely for the purpose of this post ,

I would conclude that we get a certain high from  it.

Hence , the commencement ( see me, using all the big words) of girl on girl hate.

So, keeping all this in mind,  Lilly Singh ( Lilly with the double L’s ) introduced #GirlLove.


#GirlLove is an idea.

It is an idea to spread love and get over this feeling of jealousy, inadequacy and insecurity.

If you know someone who is better than you,  learn from them.

You are your unique self and they are theirs.

What is good should be complimented and what is better should be praised.


Ok then !

I should stop rambling now !

And you , you go watch the video.

The challenge is to come back and compliment a person in the comment section.

As for me, I would like to compliment a girl I used to know ;Saima , who was better at poetry than me ( you are judging but anyhooo… )

I was jealous but you girl , you were something !


Concluding this post,

Last but not the least,

Admire but not hate!

Be inspired and not discouraged!

Spread love!

And compliment others once in a while , its a great feeling to see that smile on their face !







All the money made from the views of this video goes to the Malala Fund !

So do watch it !

Peace Out !

They ask…


I want to be better.


I don’t know who I am now.


you ! 😦

GIRLS GIRLS EVERYWHERE ( because its a girls college doe )

Wooooohhoooo !


I have been meaning to write this for a long time


I couldn’t because I was busy,

what with college and stuff.


Yes ,I started college.

yayyyyyy !


Not the one where I wanted to go to

but a good one none-the-less !

At least that is what google and reports say,

the jury is still out on the other counts.

If you know anything about me,

which you maybe do or maybe don’t

( in case you don’t , follow this blog ! I am an interesting person I swear ),

would you like some candy, It's a bribe, TAKE IT !

(would you like some candy, It’s a bribe, TAKE IT !)

you will know how ready I was and still am to get on with my life.

College , thus seemed like the right next step.


It’s a girls college.


I KNOW, but its the best one in the area …..

Throughout my life I have studied in co-ed,

so obviously this has been a BIG change for me.

I didn’t know girls could be that bitchy

( including me sometimes, don’t you judge lass , I believe in tit for tat ) .


But yes, I have found some new and amazing friends which I hope, will stay with me forever.

(too soon to tell though )

And I have gained weight.


Of course it was bound to happen , I eat too much.

Savour life, they said !

Well THEY should have specified the quantity of savouring.

All their fault .


OKAY, so what else is new ??

CLOTHES- bought some new ones

BOYS – what a joke

GIRLS- everywhere

STILL STRAIGHT – as a ruler

MONEY – rolling in it !


huh, yup that is about it.


Laters, baby !

See you when I see you !



(even if they are a bitch or an ass to you ,they’ll hate it !)

( Gandhi-giri 101 )


Celebrating Festivals

Maybe you are from a different country,

Maybe you follow different religion,

Maybe you celebrate different festivals,

Maybe you like one more than the other,


Maybe these are all alike.

We all look forward to that one day that will bring us happiness.

Festivals have a way to make us do exactly that

whether it might be Christmas, Diwali , Eid or anything else !

They maybe different in their proceedings

but all have one thing in common ,

they all bring us joy !


I am an Indian and a Hindu but I celebrate Christmas.

I am an Indian and a Hindu and I celebrate Vaisakhi .

Yes all festivals have their historical and spiritual value but does that mean that only a certain population is allowed to take part in the festives.


In fact I feel proud when I see a foreigner celebrating Holi or any other Indian festival !!

Yesterday was Diwali – the festival of Lights .


This festival is ‘my one’ because I get to meet my whole family without any exceptions.

We all live away from each other owing to the nature of our jobs

but still on this day it is expected of everyone to be in attendance.

And in attendance , they are !

My joint family of 12 people under one roof.

The late nights, the antakshri, the sweets, the laughter, the tears, the games, a little of the crackers (GUILTY).

All in all happiness.


Sharing a moment with someone is good and sharing that moment with your family is better !

I know life today moves fast and we move faster , but give yourself a break from time to time..

Meet up with the people you love, not just on festivals but other days as well.


Live for QUALITY and not QUANTITY !


Change…cuz u want to !!

We all at some point in our lives feel inadequate , maybe in the literal or in the metaphorical sense!

We feel a detachment from others and feel like someone just hit the stage lights over our heads. It is especially a nightmare for someone like me who would rather be a backup dancer than a performer . And then comes the inevitable thought of a change. A makeover. A do-over. A mask. An act.

What does one accomplish by this you ask ? One becomes the backup dancer again with the same costumes and same movements as the other dancers, losing ones uniqueness !

We all , I think will agree theoretically that this is wrong , we should be what we want to be but none and I mean NONE of us can practically be this indifferent. Change is a sign of evolution but a forced change is the sign of adaptibility which is not wrong but just flat ( for the lack of a better word ) and all black and white with no sunshine and rainbows.

Now personally I am a unicorn kinda girl . So I have decided that there will be no change until and unless I desire, want and demand one !

So change but for the better.
Change because you want to.
Change for not the others but yourself.
Change because that is what YOU desire.