GIRLS GIRLS EVERYWHERE ( because its a girls college doe )

Wooooohhoooo !


I have been meaning to write this for a long time


I couldn’t because I was busy,

what with college and stuff.


Yes ,I started college.

yayyyyyy !


Not the one where I wanted to go to

but a good one none-the-less !

At least that is what google and reports say,

the jury is still out on the other counts.

If you know anything about me,

which you maybe do or maybe don’t

( in case you don’t , follow this blog ! I am an interesting person I swear ),

would you like some candy, It's a bribe, TAKE IT !

(would you like some candy, It’s a bribe, TAKE IT !)

you will know how ready I was and still am to get on with my life.

College , thus seemed like the right next step.


It’s a girls college.


I KNOW, but its the best one in the area …..

Throughout my life I have studied in co-ed,

so obviously this has been a BIG change for me.

I didn’t know girls could be that bitchy

( including me sometimes, don’t you judge lass , I believe in tit for tat ) .


But yes, I have found some new and amazing friends which I hope, will stay with me forever.

(too soon to tell though )

And I have gained weight.


Of course it was bound to happen , I eat too much.

Savour life, they said !

Well THEY should have specified the quantity of savouring.

All their fault .


OKAY, so what else is new ??

CLOTHES- bought some new ones

BOYS – what a joke

GIRLS- everywhere

STILL STRAIGHT – as a ruler

MONEY – rolling in it !


huh, yup that is about it.


Laters, baby !

See you when I see you !



(even if they are a bitch or an ass to you ,they’ll hate it !)

( Gandhi-giri 101 )



Change…cuz u want to !!

We all at some point in our lives feel inadequate , maybe in the literal or in the metaphorical sense!

We feel a detachment from others and feel like someone just hit the stage lights over our heads. It is especially a nightmare for someone like me who would rather be a backup dancer than a performer . And then comes the inevitable thought of a change. A makeover. A do-over. A mask. An act.

What does one accomplish by this you ask ? One becomes the backup dancer again with the same costumes and same movements as the other dancers, losing ones uniqueness !

We all , I think will agree theoretically that this is wrong , we should be what we want to be but none and I mean NONE of us can practically be this indifferent. Change is a sign of evolution but a forced change is the sign of adaptibility which is not wrong but just flat ( for the lack of a better word ) and all black and white with no sunshine and rainbows.

Now personally I am a unicorn kinda girl . So I have decided that there will be no change until and unless I desire, want and demand one !

So change but for the better.
Change because you want to.
Change for not the others but yourself.
Change because that is what YOU desire.