I wanna be me !



“Duniya ka to kaam h kehna !”

(people will say what they wanna say )…

I have heard this DIALOGUE a lot of times, but is it so easy to get over what people say to you.

Or is it so easy to criticize someone.

One thing I have vowed to myself that I will never be, is this person. I believe in loving any body and everybody,

tall or short,

slim or fat,

white brown or black…

You! Yes you ! you can judge me but know that all these things are falling on deaf ears cuz I ain’t listening.

I am gonna be what I wanna be.

A free bird.

Who can go however high she wants,

go however further she wants,

if I want to free fall, I will !

You are not my parent,

you are just a face ,

you don’t count !



P.S. this is to all the judgmental people out there. Get over yourself and get out of the la la land !