#GirlLove challenge

I got up late ,

obviously didn’t go to college

and well more or less , there on after,

cuddled in my quilt all warm and comfy.


So here I am, little old me , browsing the YouTube

(as one does when one is bored) ,

and suddenly I come across one of my favorite you-tuber,

iisuperwomanii a.k.a. Lilly Singh’s video on ” Girl on Girl hate:” .

Now you know that I go to a girl’s college

and needless to say that with all the girls around,

some cats are bound to be rattled and some fights are bound to ensue.

(  and yes, boys and some girls , that is an image ! )


ME? I am a certified Unicorn just like my home girl Lilly and you know me, I like painting them rainbows all around too much to get into a fight.

 Therefore ,here I am (out of my quilt , just for y’all) writing on a serious topic.

( I do that sometimes you know, get serious I mean.

It’s rare but it happens. )

Moving on …

If you are a girl, you have experienced THE jealousy, enviousness, superior complex, inferior complex and a whole lot more !

Hell , even if you are a guy you have most likely experienced those things!

And I bet my soon- to -be -bought -hover-board

(A fact ?  I am very serious about that hover-board

and it doesn’t matter if future is probably twenty years later ),

that you have judged other people.

I’ll be the first to say that I have too .

And to be honest , its more of a reflex.

In my defense, it is empirical that one observe one’s surrounding and science says surrounding include humans so there you go.

I rest my case .

'Your honor, SHHHHHHHHHHH. Can't you see the defense rests?'

Considering that a judgement now has been passed,

its stands to reason that one goes on to publicize it.

In layman’s term,



I am a girl ( obviously a little tom-boyish but still a girl )

and trust me when I say that nobody loves bitching and gossiping more than girls.


It is hard to explain but if I were to do it,

purely for the purpose of this post ,

I would conclude that we get a certain high from  it.

Hence , the commencement ( see me, using all the big words) of girl on girl hate.

So, keeping all this in mind,  Lilly Singh ( Lilly with the double L’s ) introduced #GirlLove.


#GirlLove is an idea.

It is an idea to spread love and get over this feeling of jealousy, inadequacy and insecurity.

If you know someone who is better than you,  learn from them.

You are your unique self and they are theirs.

What is good should be complimented and what is better should be praised.


Ok then !

I should stop rambling now !

And you , you go watch the video.

The challenge is to come back and compliment a person in the comment section.

As for me, I would like to compliment a girl I used to know ;Saima , who was better at poetry than me ( you are judging but anyhooo… )

I was jealous but you girl , you were something !


Concluding this post,

Last but not the least,

Admire but not hate!

Be inspired and not discouraged!

Spread love!

And compliment others once in a while , its a great feeling to see that smile on their face !







All the money made from the views of this video goes to the Malala Fund !

So do watch it !

Peace Out !


GIRLS GIRLS EVERYWHERE ( because its a girls college doe )

Wooooohhoooo !


I have been meaning to write this for a long time


I couldn’t because I was busy,

what with college and stuff.


Yes ,I started college.

yayyyyyy !


Not the one where I wanted to go to

but a good one none-the-less !

At least that is what google and reports say,

the jury is still out on the other counts.

If you know anything about me,

which you maybe do or maybe don’t

( in case you don’t , follow this blog ! I am an interesting person I swear ),

would you like some candy, It's a bribe, TAKE IT !

(would you like some candy, It’s a bribe, TAKE IT !)

you will know how ready I was and still am to get on with my life.

College , thus seemed like the right next step.


It’s a girls college.


I KNOW, but its the best one in the area …..

Throughout my life I have studied in co-ed,

so obviously this has been a BIG change for me.

I didn’t know girls could be that bitchy

( including me sometimes, don’t you judge lass , I believe in tit for tat ) .


But yes, I have found some new and amazing friends which I hope, will stay with me forever.

(too soon to tell though )

And I have gained weight.


Of course it was bound to happen , I eat too much.

Savour life, they said !

Well THEY should have specified the quantity of savouring.

All their fault .


OKAY, so what else is new ??

CLOTHES- bought some new ones

BOYS – what a joke

GIRLS- everywhere

STILL STRAIGHT – as a ruler

MONEY – rolling in it !


huh, yup that is about it.


Laters, baby !

See you when I see you !



(even if they are a bitch or an ass to you ,they’ll hate it !)

( Gandhi-giri 101 )