Being a by-stander to a train-wreck of a hot mess !

How many of us have seen someone we know just fall prey to bad things ?

I bet the number constitutes at least 90% .

I , for one, have seen many ( and taking into account my ignorance of everything not related to me , its saying something) .

We try and try to get them to let go and yes, sometimes out of sheer luck we do succeed but most of the time, we fail !

I thought I failed too but what I  came to realize later is that it was not my test to fail .

Its like me and that person , in an examination hall , sitting next to each other and having an entirely different paper. While I have the knowledge to help that someone else pass this test ( and my willingness, which is rare ! ) ,  despite my best efforts to help them try to achieve it , the other person may not even be able to understand me.

Which surprisingly (not ! ) , is true in most of the cases.

( Also the above may suggest that me not being a good cheater, the fact though still remains. Their test and them not asking for help, makes it none-of-my-business ! )

Similarly, it is their life, their decisions, their mistakes, their triumphs. Relative to this, we are just by-standers ; allowed to have an opinion and even shout that opinion in their faces. ( as long as we expect it to be followed by ignorance on their part obviously . )

I have myself made bad decisions ( who hasn’t ? )and in hindsight I wish someone would have shouted some things in my face too, but in hindsight I have also realized that I would have just as easily ignored them as I would my homework.

Only thing WE can do is be there for them. I am not asking you to support their decisions because that ish is effed up but only to let them know that whatever happens, and whenever they are ready, you will be there for them.

( Queue the Awwwww ! )

Last but not the least …

Live and Let live !

( despite the jackasses they are ! )

Love everybody

(but don’t smother anyone with that love )



Change…cuz u want to !!

We all at some point in our lives feel inadequate , maybe in the literal or in the metaphorical sense!

We feel a detachment from others and feel like someone just hit the stage lights over our heads. It is especially a nightmare for someone like me who would rather be a backup dancer than a performer . And then comes the inevitable thought of a change. A makeover. A do-over. A mask. An act.

What does one accomplish by this you ask ? One becomes the backup dancer again with the same costumes and same movements as the other dancers, losing ones uniqueness !

We all , I think will agree theoretically that this is wrong , we should be what we want to be but none and I mean NONE of us can practically be this indifferent. Change is a sign of evolution but a forced change is the sign of adaptibility which is not wrong but just flat ( for the lack of a better word ) and all black and white with no sunshine and rainbows.

Now personally I am a unicorn kinda girl . So I have decided that there will be no change until and unless I desire, want and demand one !

So change but for the better.
Change because you want to.
Change for not the others but yourself.
Change because that is what YOU desire.